CISO as a Service

Implement a flexible security program to protect your organization while not having the expenses of a CISO full time in your payroll. Meet infosec demands from your industry in a paced but dynamic way. Packages are based on the number of monthly hours the CISO (and infosec team) will dedicate to your organization.

Automation Anywhere A2019 Migration

Is your automation platform soon to be discontinued? Should you migrate from legacy Automation Anywhere to A2019? Move your bots into the most recent version of the industry-standard in RPA with our convenient migration packages. Packages are based on the number of processes and bots to migrate into the new platform.

RPA, & IPA Bot Development

You know the benefits and ROI of process automation, but you don't have the time to build automations for yourself. Automate your processes on a per-bot basis. A project manager, process analyst, and bot developer for the duration of your build. RPA on demand and as you go. Packages are based on the number and complexity of bots to build.

UI & UX Design

Users will spend hours in front of your home-built software. Have an expert creative design your solution so that it feels intuitive to learn and easy to use. Make sure that your software promotes healthy ergonomics and has a fluid and logical flow. Packages are based on weekly hours and renew until you are satisfied with the solution.

Web Design & Development

If you have a business and want to implement a website, we can design and build the solution you need. We implement the design into a website management system so you can do your own content updates if you prefer. Design and development packages are based on the number of pages. Maintenance packages are based on monthly hours.


Train, coach, and transfer knowledge when you need it the most. Packages are custom-prepared tailored to your enterprise and content needs. Our trainers can build and deliver workshops that enable problem resolution, production of project initiatives, and detailed prioritized solutions. Packages are based on prep and delivery time needed.


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