Why Migrate Now?

Your business continuity might be at risk

Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 has been available since October 2019 and legacy version support ends Q1 2023.

Automation Anywhere v10 is Already Unsupported

Your bots’ platform version is already unsupported: Customers on Automation Anywhere Enterprise v10 can still run their licensed software. Version 10 has entered its end-of-life stage (no support and no bug fixes) in January 2020.

Automation Anywhere v11 soon to be Unsupported

Version 11 will soon be unsupported. Anywhere v11 will not be sold after Q1-2023. This date is fast approaching, and continuity licenses need to be obtained for Automation 360 (the version that follows AAE v11). The only step that follows end-of-sale is end-of-life. There is still time to migrate your bots into Automation 360, but you need to start preparing for migrating your bots.

New Features and Capabilities with the A360 Products

Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 comes with a host of new features and capabilities. The product line is expanding to a set of tools that are only forward compatible with Automation 360.

  • Discovery Bot: This is the process discovery tool that helps identify, record, document, and convert processes into bots.
  • Automation 360 RPA: evolving from AAE v11, this is the brains behind the automation platform. Now capable of expanding capabilities with packages and embedded code within RPA.
  • Bot Insight: A smarter way to show your automation ROI capable of creating automation and business dashboards with the click of a button.
  • IQ Bot: Making sense of unstructured data from emails, digital documents, PDFs, scanned documents, and many other forms of communication with machine learning. Avoid having to create time-consuming templates for ever-changing documents.
  • AARI: Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface allows you to create a common application user experience allowing your users to focus only on the information that is relevant to the process at hand, reducing the cost of maintenance and security on your legacy systems.

Native Cloud Anyone?

Increase your ROI by lowering the total cost of ownership, eliminate infrastructure costs, reducing maintenance, and running your bots from Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

Improve the Impact of Intelligent Automation for your Business

The Expertise you need to Successfully Navigate to A360

  • Intelligent Automation “Inside and Out” – Our team comes from the RPA platform vendors, such as Automation Anywhere and Microsoft, as well as large consulting companies, advisories, and system integrators.
  • We understand, live, and breathe RPA, Process Re-engineering, and Business Change Management requirements for your Operations and IT Teams to get the most out of Intelligent Automation.
  • Our team was responsible for leading the enablement, delivery, and support of delivery teams at major global software integrators and advisory consultancies – more than 100 years of experience designing, developing and delivering Process Optimization, Systems Integration, and Intelligent Process Automation.

By providing the right combination of talents and skills, BlueKatana can help you migrate from your legacy platform version and adopt the new Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 platform with the OnPrem, Cloud-enabled, or Cloud-native versions of Automation 360.

Our Approach

  1. Understand your Business Objectives and get to Know your Team.
  2. Inventory the Automated Processes and Integration Requirements.
  3. Develop a Plan and Get Started!

For more detail about what to expect, please review our Automation 360 Migration Overview.

How Can We Help You?

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