Who We Are

Who is BlueKatana?

BlueKatana is a boutique consulting advisory. We focus on highly customized solutions in InfoSec, Compliance & Security, Process Automation, and software engineering & integration. We have the combined expertise of subject-matter-experts and the knowledge that experienced insiders bring to the table.

BlueKatana is a team of software engineering, security, and RPA platform experts. Our team is a diverse group, from which we build up our strengths. We all have specific experience in working with Customers, Consulting Advisories, and Platform providers. Most of our team members come from large infosec, consulting companies, advisories, system integrators, and the RPA platform vendors themselves.

BlueKatana professionals know your challenges because we were you at some point in our careers. We understand Customer challenges with vendors. We know how to prevent those from ever appearing. We also understand your internal challenges with business processes and can help you work around its complexities. We worked on these challenges from different angles, and we know the tricks needed for delivering solutions successfully and efficiently.

We’re Geeks

geek: (noun) A person who has extreme enthusiasm for a subject or activity. Someone who enjoys deepening their knowledge for that subject or activity. i.e.: a web-development geek, a software development geek, a design geek, a cloud computing geek.

Geeks of a feather work together…

We specialize in software development. We design, develop, deploy software, and implement infrastructure for our Customers. We are UI & UX experts who understand your organization and how your systems work together. We design with UX in mind first to increase efficiency. BlueKatana has RPA expertise to help you reduce costs, even on legacy systems. We are developers that care for the solution’s performance to save you on resources used after implementation. BlueKatana has architects with broad expertise in cloud and on-prem implementations.

Our Team

Diego Samuilov, MBA

Diego Samuilov, MBA

Founder - CEO

Osvaldo Godoy, MBA

Osvaldo Godoy, MBA

Compliance & Security Advisory Practice

Highly Specialized Team

We are from very diverse backgrounds, but we share one common trait: we are all geeks at heart. Each of us is passionate for specific areas of technology, design, usability, user experience in general, project management, methodology, and many other specializations. We’ve spent countless hours mastering them. Both through formal education and real-world experience. As much as we love building solutions, we love even more using our many talents for resolving your challenges. Our mantra is learn to advance. This makes us eager to work as a team with the common goal of understanding and thus completing the projects you may have for us.

Regardless of the challenge, we rise to the occasion. We know when to ask for help. We enjoy of a wide network of subject matter experts in a varied number of areas that bring into our projects ad-hoc. We know when we put our heads together we can complete any task. We are geeks with our feet grounded in the real world.

Preventing Information Overload

The world is becoming more technical at an increasingly faster pace. The amount of information that reaches us is significantly more than it ever was in the past. This makes us prone to information overload if our systems are not carefully built.

We thrive in highly technical environments and we know how to translate that information into easy to use systems that anyone can use and take advantage of. We carefully cater the systems we build for their intended audience.

Some of Our Customers

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    Che!!! Restaurant
    CHCS Services
  • MobilitySite
    Nurse Navigator
    South Florida Baseball League SFBL
    Ballgame Central
  • Maru Samuilov
    Million Dollar Homepage
    Outpost Sheds
  • Monkey Alley
    Pocket Gear

How Can We Help You?

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