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Your privacy is critically important to us. At BlueKatana, we have a few fundamental principles related to this subject. Please read through our Legal Disclaimer, Privacy & Cookie Policies on this page. If there is something in this page for which you have a suggestion, you can contact us and let us know. We will make all reasonable efforts possible to resolve your requests.

  1. Site design and overall look and feel copyright is owned by BlueKatana.
  2. We use WordPress for content editing, a third party template and plug ins. These are copyright of their respective manufacturers, designers and architects.
  3. All images, wording and general content remains the intellectual copyright of BlueKatana. Except when the content item was sourced from elsewhere. In which case, it remains the copyright of its original creators, writers and brands.
  4. BlueKatana posts articles and portfolio pieces based on work performed for BlueKatana Customers.
  5. When BlueKatana links to third party sites, it does not claim responsibility for the content of those sites. If any copyright owner, admin, legal counsel or webmaster from any sites linked to has any objection, please contact us and we will refrain from linking to you in the mentioned article or in the future.
  6. Our policy is to try to collect the least amount of information about our site visitors. What we collect is for functional use, such as SEO and anonymous metrics. We do not collect user identifiable information.
  7. By writing or linking to software and infrastructure products and submitting opinion about them: BlueKatana does not necessarily endorse, approve or disapprove of them. Please read opinion articles as what they are, our professional opinion.
  8. BlueKatana believes that copying sections off our website and then passing them off as your own is not appropriate. However, if you would like to edit the content and use it on your site or would like to translate, please use the contact us form. We are reasonable people. All we would ask is for a link back and a credit for having been so kind and sharing.
  9. You can freely link to us from whatever tool and wherever in the world you are. Just make sure you mention our site and URL. Thanks for that in advance!
  10. We aim for full transparency on gathering, using and sharing information. Given that we do not gather personally identifiable information, this is easiest to do for us.
  11. When you use our website, we do not capture any information other than what you manually provide us. For example, you could contact us in the contact us form by entering it with a fake email address. We will get your message, but we will not be able to reply to you.
  12. The information we collect automatically is not tied directly to you. We collect information that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers typically make available, such as the browser type, IP address, unique device identifiers, language preference, referring site, the date and time of access, operating system, and mobile network information. None of which are directly identifiable as yourself, but which allows us to potentially customize your experience on the website.
  13. Information from Cookies & Other Technologies: A cookie is a string of information that we store on your visiting computer, and that your browser provides to us each time you return. Pixel tags (also called web beacons) are small blocks of code placed on websites and emails. We use cookies and other technologies like pixel tags to help us identify and track visitors while at the same time not knowing who they are. You can setup your browser to reject the use of cookies as an additional precaution on your side.
  14. The information we gather from you once you become our Customer, is kept separate from the information used and accessible by this website.
  15. From time to time, we may create Whitepapers, Article Posts, and/or Portfolio Items showcasing our expertise. If the tools we created for you are freely available online, we may mention them and even link into them. For cases where the work is not freely available online, the details that may identify our Customers is suppressed, minimized, or cleared with you before we make it available online.



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