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Consulting and Advisory services from subject-matter-experts in a time & materials format. We agree on services to render and bill you as we consume those services. You own the code we produce for you.

InfoSec & Cybersecurity
Meet Compliance & Security Requirements

From user awareness programs to pen testing & intrusion detection. Protect your critical information in your infrastructure (on-premise & cloud) and your applications that run on them. Prevent data loss with business continuity plans while being prepared for disaster recovery per your compliance requirements or your own standards. Let us run your Security Organization by coaching for Information Security, providing the proper gap analysis, and forensic analysis when needed.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Implementation
Implement, Customize & Integrate Cloud Services

Develop solutions that take full advantage of cloud services. The enterprise has followed a steady move from dedicated data centers to cloud partnered implementation. What allowed the large enterprise avoid high infrastructure maintenance costs has now opened a completely new level of affordability and viability to medium and small companies like yours. Our teams are experienced with most cloud vendors in the market.

Create Compelling Solutions

Software Development

Claim your time back to focus on ideas while we develop your next software project. Build from the ground-up or change your existing Web, Enterprise, and Mobile App software. Think mobile first without losing sight of desktop platforms. Whether through a PWA to work across all platforms or platform-targeted software, BlueKatana will complete your software development projects using industry standard methodologies and practices.

Implement, Customize & Integrate Office 365 and Google Workspace

Start small or go all-in! Replace your aging email services and office platform for a cloud solution. Use either of the two top-tier solutions: Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace. Choose from the many different budget-friendly solutions and security-and-compliance-capable options both have to offer. Migrate your email services without losing a single email in the process. Keep the enterprise running and reduce down-time caused by legacy solutions.

Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Process Automation
Bot Development Services

Transform manual business processes and disconnected systems using digital workers and software bots. IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a great way to eliminate human error and speed up processes while keeping up with compliance requirements and reducing overall costs. Make your processes smarter, faster and more efficient throughout your whole enterprise. Create the intelligent automation that allows your team members spend their time into processes that require of their human capabilities while bots take care of the rest.

Software Development Training & Knowledge Transfer

Train, coach, and transfer knowledge when you need it the most. Prepare custom-made sessions tailored to your enterprise needs. Focus on User Experience and Design Thinking practices while enabling the pragmatic use of resources. Create workshops that enable problem resolution, production of project initiatives, and detailed prioritized solutions. Provide the right content to the right team-members to maximize success and execution capabilities your team already has.

Design Creative Experiences

Conceptualize & Develop Ideas

Brainstorm, conceptualize and develop your business ideas into practical actionable plans. Evaluate and compare your ideas with consumer and business trends. Analyze market viability. Establish market needs for your product. Prepare and plan elevator pitch and concept visualizations for investor and project sponsor presentations.

Create Attractive User Interfaces

Create designs that are easy to use, and feel intuitive to learn. Establish your market image with BlueKatana's well-thought-out designs. Create compelling UIs to your software solutions that are attractive, visually stunning and in line with your overall design ethos. Let BlueKatana align with your line of thinking and express them through these designs.

Plan Pragmatic & Functional User Experiences

Create pragmatic user experiences with BlueKatana to save time & effort from your users. Place every feature in its proper functional place in order to give your users the best user experience. Provide the satisfaction of a job well done to your users through proper UX design after they use your user experiences. Drive user engagement to a higher level to be able to push the success of your software solution.

Additional Services

Manage Your Infrastructure

Every IT organization has a number of projects they wished they could be working on. According to Gartner, more than 50% of IT infrastructure projects remain open for at least six months until resources can be allocated to start them. BlueKatana can help with your infrastructure planning, modeling, and management. Have an expert from BlueKatana help you start, and complete, those projects on your plate.

Augment Your Staff

Market fluctuations could cause sudden needs for resources. BlueKatana offers staff augmentation services for IT Departments. Our competitive, yet expert staff can help you cover gaps in resources. Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry. We'll help you find the right IT professionals, providing you the flexibility to scale up or down depending on your workflow.


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