RPA & IPA Bot Development Services

Process Automation

The process of automation allows you to transform your repetitive and monotonous processes into programmed processes. Bots are small pieces of software and run the same set of steps you can execute manually.
 What does this mean? It means you can have software click on the same buttons, enter values into the same fields, and perform the same overall actions as a person does. The process is particularly convenient with repetitive tasks, where people don’t need to think about it too much. 
Ultimately, the major benefit is that your teams will perform more of the automated processes, aided by RPA bots. 
Your team will have more time to complete the tasks that require their uniquely human abilities, such as creative thinking. Your team’s overall productivity increases with the use of process automation.
BlueKatana can automate your processes. We offer resources and services to strategize, discover, build, test, and deploy bots into your automation environments.

Team Leadership

Build an Automation Strategy

Discuss with our practice directors and build your automation strategy. Start building your own automation team or use our resources. Our professionals will mentor your team towards your own automation independence. We offer mentoring, assessment, and consulting services with automation industry experts that have experience as automation platform builders, automation consultants, and automation customers. We are experts in the industry because we built the industry.

Project Leadership

RPA Project Manager

As part of the delivery team. the RPA PM will lead your RPA Projects, provide guidance in the methodology of choice, and mentor your Business Areas who will be automating processes. As part of your Center of Excellence (CoE), the RPA PM will provide guidance to the Delivery team and will lead the discovery of processes to automate.

Technical Leadership

RPA Architect

As part of the delivery team, the RPA Architect owns the technical decisions. During execution, this resource can also act as an analyst and a developer. As part of your Center of Excellence (CoE), the RPA Architect provides technical guidance for development and troubleshooting.

Execution Team

RPA Process Analyst/Business Analyst

RPA Developer

QA Specialist

RPA Admin

Cloud Infrastructure Admin

RPA Infrastructure Admin

RPA HelpDesk Tech


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