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Most IT and InfoSec decision-makers are concerned that as soon as workers come back to the office setting, they will bring both personal and employer-provided devices that are infected. If you are one of those key decision-makers, you are not alone. Your concerns are valid ones. Read on to find out how to tackle these challenges.

Have You Done Enough?

Based on our discussions with some of our Customers, prior to the global pandemic, the Zero Trust Security Model was assumed to be a suggestion instead of a must. We’ve been strongly recommending our Customers should implement this security model to both future-proof and minimize risks. It is now clear to most of our Customers that the Pandemic has placed a strong focus on tightening the InfoSec grip. InfoSec has now become one of the top priorities for the whole enterprise.

If you implemented some policies and procedures around InfoSec and your infrastructure, how your teams connect with each other and your infrastructure, you most likely are still at a high risk of malware attacks.

Zero Trust Security Model is the best way to protect yourself now, and be prepared for all the devices (personal and provided by your IT team) that will eventually come into your network when team members start coming back to the workplace.

Your team members may not have followed all the recommended precautions when it comes to InfoSec. While most employees try to do so, there are no guarantees they will. You cannot blame them, feeling digitally safe in the privacy of our homes is a common misconception. Your team members may not know how to secure, or even setup a home-grade firewall, or other InfoSec tools to safeguard your infrastructure.

Only the enterprise can secure its own data.

How To Prepare

Be prepared and safe, if you have a very small IT team and you are not prepared to manage the InfoSec requirements of the modern/hybrid workplace, please look into our Services and Packages. We have a solution that can work for you, whether it is a CISOaaS package or a whole team of advisory consultants, BlueKatana can help you prepare for the incoming rush to safety.