CISO as a Service Packages

Your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

This is an alternative security program in your leadership strategy. 
You will be leveraging flexible resourcing of subject matter experts by using their availability part or full time.
The CISOaaS service is available to replicate the functions that an on-site CISO and team would have.
 Organizations that service Customers with compliance requirements benefit the most from this package. 
Organizations that have no compliance requirements for the permanent fulfillment of this position can use the CISOaaS package.

Is Your Sales Team Fielding Security Questions?

Your Sales team has to answer too many questions about your security strategy. You're faced with the decision of building your own InfoSec team. Have your Sales team spend more time selling and less time explaining technicalities to Customers.

Do You Need InfoSec & Cybersecurity Expertise?

Do you have compliance requirements from your Customers? Do you service an industry with regulatory requirements? Benefit from a strong cybersecurity program without the cost of building an InfoSec team.

Are You A Start-Up?

If your organization is a new business establishing itself in the market, you absolutely need to have the mentoring of a CISOaaS to ensure that your products or your business practices don't develop lethal flaws before it's too late.

Has Your Security Been Compromised In The Past?

If your cybersecurity was compromised in the past, you certainly need to contain and mitigate breaches. Most importantly, you want to be better protected this time around.

What To Expect?

Create, Own, and Maintain InfoSec policies & procedures

Use a Robust Methodology

Produce InfoSec Metrics and Analytics

Monitor & Maintain InfoSec Controls

Deliver Executive-Level Reports

Advise and Execute Strategy

Create Policies & Standard Operating Procedures

Follow Industry-Proven Best Practices

Create Annual InfoSec Plan

Monthly Follow-Up of InfoSec Annual Plan

Develop InfoSec Awareness Program

Coach Executives on Cybersecurity & Prevention

Produce Gap Analysis on Industry Standards

Vulnerability Discovery

Infrastructure Risk Analysis

Create a Risk Matrix

Vendor Contract Review

Find and Document Critical Information Location

Delivery of Business Continuity Plan

Delivery of Disaster Recovery Plan

Development of Business Impact Analysis

Implement Security Operations Center


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