Prepare Now For The Next Cyber Attack

If you thought you were at the mercy of cyber criminals before the latest Russian aggression, be prepared. Things are bound to get much, much worse. Russia is now overtly exercising its cyber warfare aggression as part of its kinetic warfare that started with the invasion of Ukraine in their annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and its recent invasion of Ukraine this week.

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Facebook and Data Accountability

If there’s one thing that Facebook has shown time over time is that they have consistently made the wrong choice on how to self-regulate, manage data, and protect those who use their social network. Initially, Facebook’s general goal was to expand users’ connections. The theory was that the more users cultivated their network, the more they could interact beyond their close social circles. This was a great principle to begin with.

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Y2K22: Is It Y2K All Over Again?

Given the recent news from Microsoft and their on-prem email service MS Exchange issue on January 1st: So, here is a blast from the past: Some people have asked me if the recently reported issues with dates on Microsoft Exchange on-prem are a repeat of Y2K. While the similarities are embarrassingly serious, the scope is not as wide as Y2K and the solution is much simpler than its predecessor event from 22 years ago. Please read on for background and details.

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Ransomware Attacks: How To Protect Your Enterprise

Ransomware attacks have increased, not only in frequency but in Dollar amounts being demanded as ransom to free data. This means that things are getting worse, not better out there. Attackers are not necessarily targeting you, but you need to be prepared nevertheless. So, what do we do?

BlueKatana recommends that you should never pay ransom to ransomware. Paying the ransom brings more money to the business of ransomware and encourages shady operators to jump into the action. In our opinion, your best bet is to be prepared for whatever could happen; this minimizes your exposure. You should also be able to react fast, reducing your downtime and increasing your success in business continuity. All combined, you can minimize your impact from these types of otherwise catastrophic events.

BlueKatana is a big proponent of prevention, detection, and response. Attackers will not only encrypt your data to extort your enterprise’s money, but they will also steal your data to sell on the Dark Web to maximize profits. So your plan should include a way to recover and actions to prevent these scenarios from happening in the first place.

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InfoSec Rush To Safety Series: Include Your Team

Your company takes security seriously, but is your Company taking your InfoSec Teams’ suggestions seriously? One of the things that 2020 is showing us is that we certainly need to take our InfoSec Pros seriously. Cybercrime and ransomware have particularly risen in the last 6 months and we need to make sure everyone can speak up and eliminate or at least minimize exposure to those risks.

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InfoSec Rush to Safety Series

In light of the pandemic coming to a close sometime in 2021, we expect that some people will start coming back to work to their office locations. This not only imposes a new reality on the overall social aspects, architecture, and office layout but also poses some challenges on the InfoSec front. Over the next few articles, we will be focusing on the upcoming rush to achieve a secure level of compliance.

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Zero Trust Security Model – Explained

In the 1990s

There was no concept of Zero Trust Security Model because it was not needed, the only attack vector was physical access. The majority of computing devices were connected to local networks. LANs were considered secure for several reasons, especially for sitting behind a layer of physical security. Most of the connected devices were desktops and had a network wire sticking out their back panel.

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Cloud RPA services integration

Following up on the previous article RPA Doesn’t Care Who Your Cloud Service Vendor Is a few questions may come to mind when thinking a bit deeper into cloud RPA services integration. Those questions are still related to how third-party cloud services may integrate into your RPA vendor of choice. While the answer is that your RPA cloud vendors can integrate with anything, let’s clarify some of those concerns. Read on for those questions and their corresponding answers.

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