InfoSec & Cybersecurity

Meet Compliance & Security Requirements
for Your Customers

From user awareness programs to pen testing & intrusion detection. Protect your critical information in your infrastructure (on-premise & cloud) and your applications that run on them. Prevent data loss with business continuity plans while being prepared for disaster recovery per your compliance requirements or your own standards. Let us run your Security Organization by coaching for Information Security, providing the proper gap analysis, and forensic analysis when needed.

Standards & Regulatory Requirements

Compliance Gap Analysis

Search for red flags in compliance with PCI DSS, SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, Habeas Data, and ISO27001.

Security Advisory

User Management

User profile analysis, power user, and elevated access privilege report & administration.

Incident Response & Management

Incident lifecycle analysis, including detection, triaging, containment, and remediation.

IT Risk Management & Analysis

Methodology approach to risk evaluation and management.

InfoSec Training Plans

Enablement and learning program for InfoSec awareness aimed at each hierarchical level.

Information Classification

Find and document where critical information is located, and propose how to protect it.

Business Continuity

Business Impact Assessment

Analysis to establish operational and financial impacts of business disruption.

Business Continuity Plan

Build the plan to follow during a business disruption, including digital and analog processes.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Build the plan to follow after the business disruption is mitigated. Complementing the BCP.

SOC Services

Vulnerability Management

Known security vulnerability prioritization, correction, mitigation, and reporting.

Planned Scan

Publicly known vulnerability scans and analysis on packaged software and hardware in use.

Security Monitoring

Periodic search in logs and alerts for signs of unauthorized access to digital assets and physical networks.

Red Team

Intrusion Test

Break-in tests into your network, including a PenTest to find vulnerabilities and areas of concern.

Social Engineering Test

Test the security awareness of your business teams using phishing and other social engineering techniques.

Source Code Analysis

Web and application source code analysis in search of security gaps and vulnerabilities.


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