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In light of the pandemic coming to a close sometime in 2021, we expect that some people will start coming back to work to their office locations. This not only imposes a new reality on the overall social aspects, architecture, and office layout but also poses some challenges on the InfoSec front. Over the next few articles, we will be focusing on the upcoming rush to achieve a secure level of compliance.

We will be covering InfoSec from different points of view; looking at challenges that range from foundational to hyper-specific; behavioral to technical; and employee to C-Suite focused.

You may have heard the news, or from your own team, coming back to work will be different than before the global pandemic. People worked from home enough time to curve most desires to get back to crowded open-office environments. Management also noticed that people are more productive when working from their homes. This is mostly due to working more hours by avoiding the dreaded daily commute, and also minimizing distractions and interruptions from co-workers. Not everyone benefits or enjoys this, but there is a clear trend showing. Some companies are also experiencing push back from their workforce when they signal a return to a typical office setup coming up soon. Even with the isolation that was thrust upon the workforce, the work/life balance has certainly been affected for the better while organizations and the workforce alike can reap the benefits earned.

McKinsey reports that the way forward in nine out of ten companies will be through some form of hybrid/partial-remote setting.

Part of the move to remote working required a huge effort from InfoSec teams in reinforcing access rules both for devices and the networks being accessed. Hopefully, your organization is part of those who invested in updating your cybersecurity.

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