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Start Your Digital Transformation

We use the term "Cloud" for many services that are provided through online offerings. These services usually offer significant efficiencies when compared to the alternative of having to manage the same services through a legacy or "on-site" (within your facility) alternative. You will find many, many options for moving services to the cloud. Sometimes, you will find too many options for a given service. How to chose, then? BlueKatana can walk you through the process with as much (or as little) detail as you want to get. We will simply make sure that your choice meets your goals. Cloud services run on hardware that you don't own or even lease, therefore, you don't have to manage. Additionally, because of the volume that these vendors manage, cloud services have guaranteed uptime (likely) better than you can provide on your own. Cloud Services are also provided compliant with security certifications. You can expect to meet business, financial, commercial, retail, medical, and international security standards with less effort.

Move Specific Services To The Cloud

Not sure where to start? Let BlueKatana work with you and start with some simple-but-key projects. Some of these can help you alleviate pain points that we normally see with some of our Customers. Email servers to cloud services are always a good place to start. This is a simple implementation that helps you eliminate email servers, synchronization issues and email server backups in one move, even while keeping all your inbox data. Increase complexity in your move to the cloud projects as you move forward. Let us guide your team complete the projects to follow as well.

Move Your Server Room To The Cloud

Enterprises having technical constraints on their software implementation that prevent them to move into the cloud can still take advantage of these services. Instead of using Infrastructure and Platform as a service from cloud vendors, you can "virtualize" your data center, or server room. This means that you simply create virtual versions of each of your current servers. You still move to the cloud and save on hardware, power and other costs. However, you end up having to run your virtual server OS upgrades, as if those devices still existed. You get the benefits of moving to the cloud, just not all of them. This is an ideal move for those who are running out of time with aging and/or failing hardware. BlueKatana can help you decide the perfect vendors and then execute on this move in your name.

Convert Physical & Virtual Servers to Cloud Services

Whether you are running physical servers or virtualizing them, you want to move to a platform as a service. This way you will increase your savings. With non-IaaS, your admin(s) have to maintain the OS, database engine software, backups have to execute regularly, hardware needs periodic checks, and spare parts are needed when they fail. With IaaS, there is no hardware to maintain, no server to maintain, no OS to update, no database engine software to update because it is all provided by your cloud vendor. You don't need to keep spare hardware parts for your server, and you do not use power on your facility to run these servers. Let BlueKatana partner with you and move these servers to your preferred cloud vendor to immediately take advantage of these benefits.

Digital Transformation Catered For You

Moving to the cloud works for everyone. There are services such as email and office suites that can be implemented for every Customer in a similar way, and then configured to meet their goals. We also cater cloud solutions to our Customers' specific needs.

Save With Cloud Services

Moving your services to the cloud can save you significantly in unexpected areas. You can find significant savings from power and data, to eliminating your hardware purchase cycles, or even streamlining your backup and business continuity processes. Let BlueKatana map your current systems, servers and services and we'll show you where you can find your most beneficial efficiencies.

Train Your Team

Train your team on the missing pieces that they may have about your new Cloud implementation. Ensure that they have refreshed knowledge of best practices, toolsets, and technologies that need to be used when running operations from the cloud.


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