Should you migrate from Automation Anywhere v11 to Automation 360?

Typical Migration Plan

Typical Migration Workflow - high level

These are the typical steps that a Migration Plan should take. This plan works for any technology & platform. In more complex migrations, additional steps are needed. In simpler cases, fewer steps are needed.

What is a migration?

Whenever one of your vendors substantially changes their platform and your implementations in that platform need special changes to continue working.

In this case, Automation Anywhere will not sell new AAE v11 licenses in the first quarter of 2022. If you plan for growth, you should make sure you are ready to migrate when only Automation 360 Enterprise licenses are available.

If your implementations were built in a way that was not forward-compatible with the new platform or the platform changed its underlying technologies, then there is a pretty strong chance you have not arrived at this stage by choice. Sometimes the platform vendors make changes that render past functionality unable to move forward to a new version. Most often, changes are minor and gradual so that implementations can, in fact, move forward with little-to-no effort. If the platform changes are significant, a migration project may need to occur to ensure those existing implementations’ proper functioning.

Code and data from any previous implementations need to be analyzed, converted, or refactored so that the new implementation works in your new platform version.

At a minimum, a migration project will require a regression test on the codebase to migrate. This means you will have to do some deep testing, similar to those you did while creating and implementing those bots you are about to migrate.

If you are running on a legacy Automation Anywhere version and are coming close to your license expiring, you need to make sure you are ready to migrate your bots into a more future-proof platform Automation 360.

Why Migrate?

If you don’t know you need to migrate, please read on. Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 was released in October-2019 as A2019. The previous version, AAE v11, is not going to be available indefinitely. You have to be prepared to ensure your business continuity.

Additionally, there may be several reasons why you are looking to migrate:

  • Your bots’ platform version is already unsupported: Customers on Automation Anywhere Enterprise v10 can still run their licensed software. Version 10 has entered its end-of-life stage (no support and no bug fixes) in January 2020.
  • The version you are running will soon be unsupported: Automation Anywhere v11 will not be sold after Q1-2022. This date is fast approaching and continuity licenses have to be purchased for Automation 360 (the version that follows AAE v11).
  • You need new features or capabilities that exist only in Automation 360: Automation 360 comes in both OnPrem and Cloud instances. This is a major differentiating feature of Automation 360, but there are many other features that come with the new release that you may want to use.
  • You may want to move to the Cloud: This reason alone could be driving the intent to run bots from a lower maintenance/lower cost of ownership platform.

Who is BlueKatana?

BlueKatana is a boutique software integrator; we have the combined expertise of subject-matter-experts and the knowledge that experienced insiders bring to the table. BlueKatana is a team of software development and RPA platform experts. BlueKatana is made up of a diverse team. We all come from three major areas in the market: Customers, Consulting Advisories, and Platform providers. Most of our team members come from large consulting companies, advisories, system integrators, and the RPA platform vendors themselves.

BlueKatana professionals know your challenges because we were you at some point in our careers. We understand Customer challenges with vendors and challenges with business processes. We worked on these challenges from different angles, and we know the tricks needed for delivering successfully.

Team Expertise

We are a team of software development and RPA platform experts. We come from large consulting companies, advisories, and system integrators from the RPA platform vendors themselves.

We know the RPA platforms inside out; because we were the technical staff at Automation Anywhere, and Microsoft. We lead teams at major global software integrators and advisory consultancies. Our leadership and technical team is part of the world of RPA. We have the right combination of talents and skills to help you migrate from legacy to the new Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 platform. BlueKatana can help you integrate your local legacy systems with both cloud-enabled or cloud-native versions of Automation 360.

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