CTO as a Service Packages

Your Virtual Chief Technology Officer

This package provides Customers with a time-fractioned CTO for your leadership team. Achieve the same goals that a full-time CTO would provide
at a fraction of their cost. The CTO will provide executive leadership for setting up, correcting, & providing guidance for your IT department.
The CTO assigned to you will leverage your IT resources for achieving your IT goals. The CTOaaS Package is available to replicate the
functions that an on-site CTO would have. Organizations that have no permanent CTO position can use the CTOaaS package.
Organizations that have their own IT department but lack executive-level leadership will benefit the most from this package.

To Cloud, OnPrem, or Hybrid. Which one? Why?

Your team needs to implement business requirements in a platform. Should you run your business from the cloud, on-premises, or somewhere in between with hybrid? What vendor? What features each offers you are the most convenient and why?

Does Your Business Rely On A Resilient Infrastructure?

Your infrastructure team needs a key decision-maker who can offer direction for your small technical team. Your CTOaaS can align infrastructure needs with your Organization’s business goals.

How Much Infrastructure Experience Does Your Team Have?

How much experience does your team have with desktop setup, hardware deployment, data center maintenance? Hardware purchasing? These are critical infrastructure decisions you need to make. Should you purchase or lease hardware? Avoid costly mistakes.

Are You A Small or Mid-Size Organization?

If your organization is just getting started, is already established, small, or mid-sized, you absolutely need to have the experience that a CIOaaS can bring to your business. Avoid making costly mistakes less experienced executives can make.

What To Expect?

Infrastructure Policies & Procedures

Data Resiliency Plan

Infrastructure Plan

Technology Team-member Management

Team-members not included with this package

Custody, Safeguard, & Protection of Backups

Data Resiliency Execution - Backup & Restore

Storage Capacity Plan

Team Resource Allocation

Continuity Ops - Event Drill Plan & Execution

Infrastructure Resource Allocation Plan

Resource Fault Hardening Plan

Infrastructure Inventory Plan

Infrastructure Inventory Report

Infrastructure Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance, Update, Upgrade to Software

Maintenance, Update, Upgrade to Infrastructure

Environment Segregation: Development, QA, Production

Helpdesk/Support System Selection

Helpdesk/Support System Implementation

Helpdesk/Support Team Management

Team-members not included with this package

Helpdesk/Support System Reporting

Answer & Resolution within SLA

Information Systems & Infrastructure Log Anomaly Reporting

Database Administration Leadership & Mentoring

Network Administration Leadership & Mentoring

Infrastructure Administration Leadership & Mentoring

Cloud Administration Leadership & Mentoring


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