RPA & IPA Bot Development Packages

Process Automation

The process of automation allows you to transform your repetitive and monotonous processes into programmed processes. Bots are small pieces of software and run the same exact set of steps you can execute manually.
What does this mean? It means you can have software click on the same buttons, enter values into the same fields, and perform the same overall actions as a person does. The process is particularly convenient with repetitive tasks, where people don’t need to think about it too much. Ultimately, the major benefit is that your teams will be able to perform more of the automated processes, aided by RPA bots. Your team will have more time to complete the tasks that require their uniquely human abilities such as creative thinking. Your team’s overall productivity increases with the use of process automation.
BlueKatana can automate your processes. We offer packages to discover, build, test, and deploy bots into your automation environments.

Automation Anywhere A360 Migration

Is your automation platform soon to be discontinued? Should you migrate from legacy Automation Anywhere to A360? Move your bots into the most recent version of the industry-standard in RPA with our convenient migration packages. Packages are based on the number of processes and bots to migrate into the new platform.

CoE in a Box

A Process Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) is a tightly knit team of subject matter experts that will help you detect candidate processes to automate. They will establish a methodology or a variation of our own methodology in line with your specific business needs. This team makes recommendations and provides guidance for your Automation Development Team. Packages can cover as little as 16 hours weekly but are based on the team's size and time we spend with your organization.

Process Discovery

Choose to use a package for process discovery to help you build your processes that should be automated. We will agree with you on how many hours our team will use for this engagement. We will assess which processes benefit your organization the most after automation. We will turn in the full set of documentation about our findings, details of the processes assessed, and the logic behind them.

Bot Buildout

Do you already have a list of processes to automate? We can help you automate as many or as few processes as you want. Our engagement will result in automating the selected processes, including deployment into your automation environment. Package price depends on the effort and complexity of your processes.

Your Automation Development Team

You can have an automation development team of your own or build out towards it. Depending on your automation needs, you may want to get an expert team until you build your own team. We can provide you with project managers, process analysts, bot developers, and automation architects that can mentor your own team or can remain dedicated to your needs. Packages are based on time dedicated, time, and roles of resources planned.


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