CIO as a Service Packages

Your Virtual Chief Information Officer

This package provides Customers with a time-fractioned CIO for your leadership team. Achieve the same goals that a full-time CIO would provide
at a fraction of their cost. The CIO will provide executive leadership for your Information Systems & Software Engineering organizations.
The CIO assigned to you will leverage your development resources for achieving your information systems goals. The CIOaaS Package
is available to replicate the functions that an on-site CIO would have. Organizations that have no permanent CIO position can
use the CIOaaS package. Organizations that lack executive-level leadership will benefit the most from this package.

Do You Need An Effective Liaison Between Technical & Business Areas?

If you are in dire need of better communication at the most technical level AND your C-level and business area executives, then you should have a CIOaaS.

Do You Need An Information Systems Executive?

Your Information Systems team needs a key decision-maker or has an excessive workload. Your CIOaaS can prioritize based on your Organization’s business goals.

Are you Behind with Information System Requests?

Your requests from your different departments are not being fulfilled on time and quality. Throwing more resources into the problem doesn't seem to be the right solution. Bring better Information System execution decisions with the right executive.

Are You A Small or Mid-Size Organization?

If your organization is just getting started, is already established, small, or mid-sized, you absolutely need to have the experience that a CIOaaS can bring to your business. Avoid making costly mistakes less experienced executives can make.

What To Expect?

Information Systems Plan

Development Methodology

Information Systems Policies & Procedures

Maintenance, Update, Upgrade, Quality Control to Custom-developed Software

Information System Team-member Management

Team-members not included with this package

Systems Risk Analysis

Team Resource Allocation

Environment Segregation: DevOps, Build Promotion, Deployment

Helpdesk/Support System Selection

Helpdesk/Support System Implementation

Helpdesk/Support Team Management

Team-members not included with this package

Helpdesk/Support System Reporting

Answer & Resolution within SLA

Information Systems Technical Documentation

Information Systems Functional Documentation

Information Systems User Documentation

Project Management Leadership & Mentoring

Quality Control Leadership & Mentoring

Information Systems Implementation Leadership & Mentoring

Information Systems Development Leadership & Mentoring


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