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Cybersecurity is the general concept that groups different types of electronic security awareness, methodologies, preventive, and reactive actions to protect data you hold, send, and receive. Implemented cybersecurity preventive measures allow you to counter unauthorized access to your data and your Customer’s information. Those attempts can come both from inside and outside of your team and can be intended or unintended.

When infrastructure and software solutions are well designed they naturally protect against unauthorized access. BlueKatana team members have always been data-security and privacy-focused individuals. Cybersecurity is something we build from the ground-up into our projects. We never add cybersecurity as the one last item into project deliverables, if we ever did that, we would be making our projects dangerously more difficult to complete and less secure. Designing solutions with security and privacy from the ground-up makes them less prone to bugs which in turn eliminates security risks.

Regardless of how we design our solutions, in the last few years, we have seen a significant shift into a more privacy-aware market with a focus on cybersecurity. Customers ask more questions related to cybersecurity. We welcome this increased awareness because with the increased awareness, comes more scrutiny, and this, in turn, increases security.

Contact us for information on how to increase your information security. BlueKatana offers both InfoSec Services and CISO as a Service Packages customizable to your specific needs.

We are happy to have this cybersecurity discussion with you because we know we’ve been doing things right

On the other hand, we know that not everyone implements their solutions the way we do. Either because you have infrastructure, or software implemented without a complete-all-around cybersecurity mindset or because your current solution vendor didn’t know any better, we can come in and modify your existing solutions to meet the demands of the current market.

We also get it, not everyone has a security and privacy-first view of their business. If this is your case, don’t worry, we can also walk you through the specific recommendations for your business to adopt a secure stance while not having to be overly concerned about cyber threats in the market. A simple set of principles to have in mind so you behave in a secure manner while leaving you open to the most opportunities.

You may not be fully aware, but some companies have a preference for doing business with certified compliant vendors. Some are even required by law to meet a minimum standard level of security. Those who either choose to be compliant or are required by law will ask the same of their vendors. Their business will not be considered compliant unless their vendors have the same (or similar) level of care for the data they share.

You will see a significant benefit from being more secure and having cybersecurity compliance certifications under your belt. This means you can cater to markets where this compliance is required. BlueKatana can walk you through the process of choosing the best certification standard you should be certified in. Regardless of the standard that you choose to meet, the tasks and goals you will be required to complete are similar. You can achieve better/faster ROI by being prepared ahead of certification. BlueKatana can help you start moving in that direction as well.

In future articles, we will cover the different steps you can take to prepare for a complete cybersecurity overhaul that we can do for you, including guiding through the certification process that you will have to get past in order to receive official security compliance certification. In the meantime, give us a call and we can discuss the best strategies for your team to get ready.