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Windows Phone for Everyone - book cover

Windows Phone for Everyone – book cover

Windows Phone for Everyone, A guide for everyone who wants to set up, learn and master Windows Phone devices covering Windows Phone v7, v7.1, and v7.5

by Diego M. Samuilov

Available in Hard Copy and eBook, April 30, 2012

Hard Copy List Price: $19.99
eBook List Price: $9.99
7.5″ x 9.25″ (19.05 x 23.495 cm)  Black & White on White paper 186 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1468112115
ISBN-10: 1468112112

BISAC: Computers / Reference

A guide for non-technical users exploring the purchase of their first smartphone or are curious about the new Windows Phone devices. You can use this book as a reference guide for technical users. This guide can be used as detailed documentation of how Windows Phone OS and its features work.

Understand how to set up your device for taking advantage of Windows Phone’s features. A how-to guide with detailed descriptions on how to use Windows Phone devices for those who are too shy to ask an expert or are experts but need documentation to help them move about their daily smartphone use.

Having a simple interface that will please all users, all devices in the market exclude an instruction manual. The book offers a detailed description of the different components that come bundled within the OS. The book includes all available settings and their options, explaining what those are for, what they do, and how to revert the settings.

Windows Phone for Everyone covers the use of Windows Phone OS v7, v7.1, and v7.5 and Zune software to synchronize with your desktop. Includes a sneak preview of Windows Phone OS v8.

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