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In this project, BlueKatana created a self-service kiosk. This device allows customers to start the sales process before a sales resource approaches them.

Self-Service Kiosk

The showroom has multiple kiosks in different locations. Vehicles in the showroom have a kiosk next to them with that same vehicle for their focus. Sales representatives leave Customers to browse before approaching them. Kiosks show both lot availability and allow you to “build your own” vehicle. The screen cycles through appealing media when not in use. This self-service solution allows consumer interaction while not requiring additional sales resources in the showroom.

Low-Pressure Sales

Sales representatives were re-trained to allow consumers to browse on their own and to recognize when those consumers are ready to talk with a sales rep in order to avoid the impression of a high-pressure sales environment.


The setup prevents users from changing product focus or browsing away from approved content.

For more information, read the implementation post here.