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What is series is the new series of articles where we will focus on defining and exploring some concepts that relate to the software industry and the technology market in general. Most Customers have a go-to tech team or “tech guy” they trust. Use this series to learn the meaning of anything tech. Learn and help yourself make better informed decisions. Make BlueKatana your trustworthy tech team with this series.
BlueKatana will use this series to define many technical concepts. We are sure you won’t need every single one of these concepts. We’re sure at least some of these concepts will help you in your business discussions. Wouldn’t it be convenient when you discuss your next project? Increase your understanding of what can and cannot be done with some technologies. Plan ahead, and even strategize for your organization’s future.

The What is Series

Definitions of concepts that are dense and uninteresting are a drag. We are know how busy you are, and we will go straight to the point. We will try to keep these articles short and focused. BlueKatana will provide you with practical examples that you can apply on your everyday technical decisions and spare all the fluff you normally find in marketing-heavy pieces.

Our goal

As time goes by, we expect these articles to turn into your go-to content knowledge-base. Feel free to use it for reference or last-minute learning before you have a meeting with your tech team. If you find yourself needing some of the services and products we may mention here, you can always contact us for a more in-depth discussion.

The content

We are focusing on defining concepts that will remain current over time. If at any given time, concepts needed to be redefined, we will update the content and re-release it or even go back and add a note to the end of the article in question. We want you to feel confident that the knowledge you get from our team is always current.

How to find all articles in the series

Find the totality of this series by clicking on the tag “What is Series” and you will find all de different subjects we will cover.