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Where do you start learning process automation? What should you focus on first?

At BlueKatana, we offer you the chance of going with the automation vendor of your choice. We are automation platform agnostic. We are strong believers in matching the best platforms to your long term goals. Choosing the platform that aligns with your business goals allows you to extract the most ROI from your investment in the platform.

Learning process automation

There are many process automation platform vendors. The ones we focus on are the most popular. We are experts in Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Microsoft, and UI Path. These platforms offer their own free and paid learning paths. These include some form of courses, badges, accreditations, and certifications. While each of these platforms offer their own set of strengths, there is a common thread in all of them.

BlueKatana can offer you initial, basic, and advanced training instead of, or as a complement to each of the platform’s training.

One of the most important elements in determining your success in the lifecycle of intelligent process automation is to be able to recognize convenient candidate processes for automation. It helps to have a healthy selection of processes from which to choose what to automate next. Equally important, is to be able to show how much of that investment you are returning.

Learning the specifics of the platform of choice is also a critical step. Best bot development practices are, after all, another critical element in the success of your process automation journey.

Role-based learning

Business Analysts normally focus on processes selection, estimation, and documentation. Developers focus on learning best-practices for creating, deploying, and supporting bots. IT personnel focus on learning details of maintaining and deploying the platform itself.

BlueKatana also recommends that business area personnel who are logically-inclined learn process automation basics. These users are also called “citizen developers”. Users in this role facilitate the selection and creation of automations. They focus their learning in either process selection, or even development. This focus helps them in the automation team effort by bringing their process knowledge to the execution team.

We can also help

You don’t need to be an automation expert. We can teach you how to automate, automate for you, or walk you through the automation journey with a few automations until you can run on your own.