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You decided your business needs an extra oomph. You evaluated advertising: print, radio, and TV. These are all great options for your customers nearby, but could you reach a global audience? Give your business a chance to capture worldwide attention. Build a website! Your business can promote your products and services when you build a website. BlueKatana can help you achieve your goals. A website gives you all the reach you need.

How to Build a Website

There are plenty of things that you need to have into account before you build a website. Consider this; if you feel that you have too many questions, none of which you are 100% comfortable answering yourself, then we can help you through the process. BlueKatana has experts in web design, website development that can help you get the quality website your business needs.

Some questions to have in mind

Who is your audience? The type of business you are, the products and services you have to offer, usually determine to whom you are catering. There are different approaches if you serve consumers or other businesses.

How should your website look? Depending on your target, you may want to add more or less content. How much content is too much content? Well, that depends on your audience. But it also depends on how much thought leadership you want to offer your audience. Extending your knowledge to prospecting customers can be a great way to attract new leads, but it is usually a catch-22 because you are bound to keep writing fresh content, and that can be a chore. Websites that have fresh content do great with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can write such content yourself, or you can hire a content writer to create it for you. Usually, content produced in-house is more attractive because it showcases your experience.

Who will design your website? You could design your site, or you can bring in some visual ideas to us, but don’t worry if you don’t know what would work best. We can create a few design candidates based on a collection of visual cues after we get to know you and your business.

What content should your website have? Content is generally related to your business, but not always necessary. You can have a wide range or be hyper-focused on your area of expertise. Typically, this will depend on your “written voice.”

How will your website work? How your website works will depend on the specific requirements that you have for your website. You can offer any functionality, from a minimalist online presence with the typical corporate-institutional information to complex processes happening in realtime while your customers take advantage of your services. In some cases, our Customers who build a website with us settle for an e-commerce solution, an ordering system, or the few initial tasks that start your commercial workflow or kickstart the engagement process.

There are also Technical Questions

Do you need a server or any infrastructure running your website? While your website will most definitely run on some infrastructure devices and services (a server, some networking equipment to provide redundancy and security), you don’t need to have that hardware on your premises. You can pay someone to take the burden off your shoulders and manage all that for you. There are third parties we usually use, but we can also recommend several independent hosting vendors that will cater to your specific needs.

BlueKatana is Here for You

We can guide you start-to-finish through the process of implementing a successful website. BlueKatana can help with any of the steps in the process of creating, designing, implementing, or updating your website.

Attract attention, raise awareness, unlock more leads, and overall discover more business.

Give us a call, contact us. Let’s discuss your different options available from BlueKatana.